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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our first night

I'm writing this from our new house, as we spend our first night here!

We're at the dealership's campground doing our introductory stay. It hasn't exactly gone how we planned. We tried to come early to practice driving the trailer. We learned how to hitch the trailer, but the air in one tire was low and there was a problem with the valve preventing us from filling it. So Jeremy took the truck to a tire repair place while I measured closets and things in the trailer. The tire place couldn't fix it, so they sent Jeremy to a dealer. I picked him up while the campground moved our trailer to a spot for us. We got the very brief tour (20 minutes of how to hook up power & water, operate the slideouts, operate the furnace, & flush the toilet) and were sent on our way for the evening. I really want to do a good thorough job going over the trailer, looking at the roof and the outside and checking all the little details, but I don't know when we're going to get to do that now.

Jeremy needs to work in the morning, and obviously we won't be bringing this trailer home with our little Pontiac Vibe, so I think it will depend on what's up with the tire for what we do tomorrow. I'd love to bring the trailer home, but not without getting to really look closely at it. We'll see what happens.

As far as our actual stay, it's going pretty well so far! I managed to use both the stove and the microwave part of the microwave/oven combo for dinner, and then I baked brownies in the oven part. Not a gourmet meal, but everything worked. We decided we definitely need carpet protector under the dinette. Then the kids had bathtime (one at a time) and got ready for bed. Rinnah went to sleep without much more trouble than usual, but Ian had a very hard time settling down. I think it was just all the new place/new bed/new routine. He did eventually go to sleep though. We've got power and water, and are connected to campground wifi.

It's really exciting to get a better picture of how everything is going to work. We've just got to figure out what we really need and how best to store/organize it. I think this is going to be nice and cozy for us. I'm very excited about the view from the dining table changing every week or so. It's fun to imagine mountains, or a lake, or a forest, or a good friend's home outside that window.


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