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Sunday, July 12, 2009

We sure have a knack for timing

We started today having no idea where we were going to camp tonight. It's a freeing feeling, but sometimes there are just too many options. Stay here? Cheyenne? Fort Collins? Denver? Somewhere else? I think we have decided that we won't leave a metro area until we know where we're going next anymore.

At any rate, we went to a church this morning and then looked into our options. We'd love to spend some time in Fort Collins. It looks like there's quite a bit to do for families there, and it's right where we're headed anyhow. The only problem is finding a campsite-the nice site with a good location is expensive, and the other options are pretty far out of town (45+ minutes) which makes it difficult to spend the morning doing something with the kids, since we mostly just drive, and it's also harder to squeeze in an activity in the evening without obliterating bedtime.

So we decided on a compromise. We'll stay at the free campground for a few more nights and explore the wonders of Wheatland, WY (population 3500) and then move on to the fancy campground in Fort Collins.

In order to do this, we needed to refill the water tank and dump the other tanks, since we only have electric hookups here. We waited until after the kids took a nap. And somehow, managed to time it so we were outside parking the trailer when this storm rolled in. I was directing Jeremy when I started to hear "ping, ping" on the fence across the creek. I was just thinking that rain isn't supposed to sound like that when I started seeing and getting pelted with hail. I hopped back in the truck and we watched the hail come down for awhile. The radio said quarter-size hail. I'm not sure we saw hail that large, but it was large enough to sting quite a bit when it hit you. After the hail came the 50mph winds and driving rains. We made a break for the trailer with the kids and got inside. Fifteen minutes later it was beautiful again. How do we time these things?

So now we're hanging out in a quaint little town in southeastern Wyoming for a few days, then on to Colorado.


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