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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another day, another rainstorm

The balloon ride was canceled again this morning. Bummer. We're trying again for tomorrow. If we get to go, then we'll spend another night at this campground so Jeremy can work during the day. If the ride is canceled again, we'll spend the morning packing up and moving to the cheaper campground before Jeremy needs to start work.

Instead of a balloon ride, I went grocery shopping. Still fun, but in a very different way. I hit a major sale here and saved more than I spent with my coupons, even buying about 12 pounds of chicken, 5 pounds of ground beef, and two pot roasts. And we got four free snickers bars to boot!

Then I took Ian to Chuck E Cheese. Uncle Mike came along too. That was kind of fun. We got to play skee-ball, and Ian got to do a bunch of different rides and games and even sit in a monster truck. At the end I told him he could pick prizes for himself and Rinnah, and he picked a spoon for each of them. Interesting choice. At any rate, we had a good time.

And tonight we made s'mores! Ian really liked roasting his marshmallow (on a very long stick). Sadly, I didn't get any pictures since Jeremy had to work late and I was juggling kids and marshmallow sticks. Maybe we can have a reenactment tomorrow.


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