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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bear Country

Today we did something totally different. We went to Bear Country, which is a drive-through wildlife park. It was really cool to have the animals in their habitat while we were the ones in the cages! We saw buffalo, arctic wolves, elk, miniature donkeys, and lots of bears. They were just feet from our truck-very awesome! Ian loved being able to see all the animals.

From Rapid City, SD

From Rapid City, SD

From Rapid City, SD

The best part was at the end, when you get out of the car and see all the little baby animals. We saw baby skunks, porcupines, wolves, foxes, and of course bears. The baby bears were adorable! There were about 14 of them, all playing together and some taking naps. Ian and Rinnah both loved watching them! When we took Rinnah out of the stroller, she just giggled with glee and loved watching the bears!

From Rapid City, SD

From Rapid City, SD

The kids' favorite part was in the gift shop. They had all these different hats that were different animals' heads. Ian would put one on and run over to the mirror, where Rinnah was waiting. They would both crack up when they saw what was on his head!

Rinnah made us laugh tonight. She got my cell phone, opened it up, pushed a few buttons, held it up to her head, and started saying "Hi! Hi! Hi!" She's starting so young!


Lucas said...

oh I've been to Bear Country! It was pretty neat!

Gavin Vaughn said...

That sounds awesome!

Kim & Jeremy said...

When were you out here? We loved that it was so different from a regular zoo.

Lucas said...

We were out there in..um, 2002 I think. possibly 2001 (I know Tim was with for that trip so it had to be one of those years). My Aunt and Uncle now live in Lead, SD. At the time they lived in South West ND.

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