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Sunday, July 19, 2009


We made it to Loveland today. We were hoping we could stay here. It's only about half an hour from where we were last week, but headed in the right direction to meet my mom and brothers this weekend. And it's the cheapest campsite we could find anywhere in the Denver area thanks to a membership discount we have. The catch was that this campsite won't take reservations at the 50% off rate. You just have to show up with your fingers crossed. We did, and there was a nice pull-through spot with our name on it! A bunch of spots here back up to the river (BAD idea with little ones) so we were glad to get a spot away from there. And we are right across from the playground too.

Before heading here, we made it to a Vineyard church service. That was really nice. We very much enjoyed the worship and the message at that church. There were a lot of families in the church and a lot of kids the same age as our kids. I'd like to end up at a church similar to that when we decide to park in one place for awhile.

I've talked a bunch about the things that I love about our new traveling lifestyle. There's not a lot that we miss, but there are a few things. Here's my top 5:

1) My washing machine We had a really nice front loader that held a ton of clothes, got everything very clean, and didn't take any quarters to operate. I miss that.

2) Ian's bedroom door He's two and a half, and doesn't like to go to bed. We used to be able to put him in the crib and close the door, and he'd eventually get bored and fall asleep. Now his bedroom is the kitchen and Rinnah's asleep two feet away, so we can't let him get so loud and there's no way to keep him in.

3) Our little car The big truck does the job of getting us around to museums, parks, and grocery stores, but I do miss the 30mpg of our old car when we're not towing the house with us.

4) The hot water heater This one's more for Jeremy than for me. I know he misses taking his long hot showers. We have a decent amount of hot water, but not enough to hang out there any extra time.

5) The deep freezer I do miss being able to stock up on sale meat and buy in bulk. We have adequate space, but I have to be a lot more conscious of it and can't just buy up meat for a month or two at a time.

All in all, I still think we made a good trade.


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