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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Uncle Jon

Today we met my brother Jon (Uncle Jon to the kids) and his girlfriend Katie for dinner. They live about an hour from here, so we met in the middle and had a nice dinner at Culver's. It was great to see them and have a chance to chat for awhile. Jon has lived out here for a few years, so we don't get to spend time together too often.

From Fort Collins

This morning we played at the camp playground for quite awhile. It must have been at least an hour and half. If Rinnah hadn't been so cranky from being up most of last night, we might have stayed longer. The kids had a blast.

From Fort Collins

The other adventure of the day was a tour through Fort Collins to find a bike shop. One of the tires on our stroller popped a leak. Luckily, it was about 50 yards from the truck in one of the most bike-friendly areas I have ever seen, so it was an easy fix. I'm just glad it didn't pop while we were out a mile or more from home, which we have been. The stroller is good as new now.


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