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Saturday, July 11, 2009

My first traffic accident

Well, it was bound to happen. I (Jeremy) was backing into a tight campground site tonight and hit somebody's car. Fortunately for me, the other party has promised not to sue, although he doesn't look very happy about it:

From Rapid City, SD

(note: picture was staged)

Ian's car rides in the back of the truck when we're travelling, and tonight the 90-degree bend between the truck and trailer caused the front cap of the trailer to squish his car against the cab of the truck. Fortunately, Kim spotted it before any major damage was done, but there's a very obvious dent in his car now. I'm just glad we don't have to report it to insurance and it didn't damage anything more expensive.

Despite the difficulties in parking, tonight's site is actually rent-free. It's in a city park in Wheatland, WY that has free camping with electric hookups for up to three nights. Since Wheatland is just over halfway from Rapid City to Fort Collins, it was a perfect spot for us, just a few minutes off the highway. We even found a church in town that we can visit in the morning before we take off for Colorado.

This morning, we visited our final stop in Rapid City: Rushmore Waterslides. The slides didn't go over too big with the kids, although Rinnah enjoyed splashing in the kiddie pool. Kim and I traded the kids back and forth so we could enjoy the slides. Ian did enjoy the mini golf afterwards, though:

From Rapid City, SD


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