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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today I finally got a hold of another RV park where we want to stay next week with my mom. It was our backup plan if this park didn't have anything available the day we showed up. She said she hadn't called me back yet because they had a tornado come through last night. Turns out they had the tornado and 1.25" hail, and several trees came down on top of RVs that were there. I am so thankful that we weren't staying there! The storm came through in the middle of the night, about 11pm, and the tornado hit at 3am, so we would have been asleep. Praise the Lord that we weren't there with the kids. I can't imagine how scary and dangerous that would have been to have a tree fall on the house.

Oh, and today marks one month on the road! Woohoo!


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