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Monday, July 6, 2009

Rapid City, SD

Today was an odd day.

We got very poor cell signals at the campsite last night. It's a shame, because it was just beautiful out there.

From Rapid City, SD

Jeremy did his best to work out there this morning. His office had a great view and plenty of fresh mountain air.
From Rapid City, SD

Since the signal wasn't strong enough, we headed back to Rapid City, a little more urban and out of the mountainous trees. We spent a few hours at a Flying J truck stop while Jeremy worked. It took awhile to find an open campground since we're apparently right between the 4th of July and several annual rallies, so it's peak season. Eventually we did find a site just a bit northwest of Rapid City . It's priced right, has cell coverage, free wifi, and even a playground. We'll be here for a few days while we sort out where we want to go next and when we want to get there.

I think we'll be avoiding tourist traps in the middle of nowhere for awhile.


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