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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scenic South Dakota

Today we drove across most of South Dakota. It was interesting. The views were gorgeous, especially at a scenic overlook we saw at a rest area. We also stopped at Wall Drug. There were about a million billboards for it along the highway and our curiosity got the best of us. It turned out to be more or less a massive gift shop filled with touristy trinkets. They did have a pretty neat outdoor area where Ian got to sit on a (stuffed) horse and sit in a covered wagon. There was also a water play area with different jets that would go off unpredictably which was fun to watch.

It was really neat to see the scenery change so abruptly. One minute we're driving through the same plains we've seen for a hundred miles, then suddenly we go down a hill and see a breathtaking riverbed. Later, soft rolling hills suddenly give way to roaring steep forests. It's really amazing and made for an interesting drive.


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