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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fort Collins

We have finally arrived in Fort Collins!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Wheatland. It was a great place to just stop and slow down for a few days. Parked right in the midst of the beautiful city park, we walked to the pool and the playground, and did I mention the site was free? We'll definitely keep that town in mind if we find ourselves traveling I-25 through Wyoming again.

This morning I went to the grocery store and the laundromat with the kids, who were surprisingly cooperative for waiting at the dryer. I made a fun discovery at the laundromat-an original 1980s Ms. Pacman game. And with the original price, too! For a quarter I got three plays (about 20 minutes) and Ian got three plays (about 2 minutes). It was fun and well worth 25 cents!

After Jeremy finished work we headed off to Fort Collins. It was less than two hours drive so we could do it in the middle of the week. Now we're staying at the KOA here. I can see why people like their campgrounds. They've got a massive playground, a pool, paddleboat rental, fishing, minigolf, walking trails, and a bunch of other things right on site. Plus, they're only a few minutes from downtown Fort Collins which has another awesome park and a science center that we plan to do. It's like the Hilton of campgrounds. We're only here until Friday, but we're going to enjoy this campground for sure! I see why people would enjoy staying at mostly KOAs. Maybe if we don't go broke sending the kids to college we'll be able to do that when we retire.


Lucas said...

I was in Ft. Collins about 10 years ago. they have a nifty little Brewery there. Nice town too! :)

Kim & Jeremy said...

We're enjoying it so far! On Saturday we're going to ride the Municipal Railway for $1-looks like a fun ride for Ian!

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