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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Storybook Island

Things got off to a much smoother start today. The internet was working fine, so Jeremy was able to work normally. The kids were up nice and early and we were ready by 8am. After a load of laundry we made it out to Storybook Island. It's a fabulous park with lots of different toys for the kids to play on, all with different themes. Some are famous fairy tale characters, others are Disney characters, others are just trains or ice cream or something else fun. They've even got movie songs playing. It felt a bit like Disney World. The best part? It's free! It's sponsored by the Rotary Club and there is no admission or parking charges. We did pay $1 for Ian to go on a train ride, so hopefully that will help their operating costs. We liked it so well that after Jeremy was done with work, we went back again. Even after spending several hours there today Ian still has not tried everything they have. Rinnah had a ball too-plenty of things she could climb on, swings to ride, and slides to go down.

We were hoping to make it a little longer, but we had to move tonight to dump our tanks. We're staying in a spot with just electric & water hookups, and our gray water (sink & shower drainage) tank was full. So we had to move the trailer over to the dump station and repark. It wasn't a big deal, but because of that it's kind of late. I'll put up Storybook Island pictures tomorrow.


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