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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're official!

Today we became residents of South Dakota!

We still have to register to vote and register our vehicles, but we have South Dakota driver's licenses and a South Dakota address now. Turns out that this was a good week to come because the charge for a license almost triples tomorrow.

Today was just an errands day. Setting up the addresses, running by Walgreens & Walmart, and getting the licenses was pretty much the whole day. Not too exciting.

Well, one exciting thing was that Ian got to watch the train go right by our trailer. We were playing outside so he waved at the conductor and the conductor waved back. I got a video of it which I'll upload when we're once again on unlimited internet.


aunt cindy said...

Wow this is really nice what you guy's are doing. The kids will get to see so much and learn as well as you. HOpe you are doing well.

Kim said...

We are enjoying it! It's like being on vacation without having to miss naptime.

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