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Friday, June 12, 2009

One week!

Only one more week until we leave!

We talked to the realtor today, and she said that the house really would show better with furniture in it. We aren't going to have time to give everything a fresh coat of paint before we go, so it may be better to have a little furniture here to make it feel homey instead of stark and take attention away from the little nicks and dings that come with having a two year old live here. That means we need to figure out how to hire someone to move our furniture when the house does sell though, so we'll need to look into that.

The house was shown two more times today, so that's promising. Jeremy and I talked about it last night (before we knew the house would be shown again) and we both have this inexplicable peace about the whole thing. Logically, we know that it's a big financial strain to be paying the mortgage while we own the trailer. But we're both confident that it will all work out in the end. We know that the house will be sold at the right time, to the right buyer, at the right price. We really feel like God is leading us to do this, and selling a house is easy for Him to do.

I had started a bunch of sorting & packing projects this morning but had to abandon them to show the house on short notice. At least we did get the screen room folded up, a few boxes & outside toys moved to Mom's house, and the lawn mowed.

Tomorrow will be a big day for sure.


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