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Friday, June 19, 2009

So close now!

As I type this, the kids are sleeping happily in their new beds in the new house. Woohoo! We're still in my mom's driveway. We were hoping to be able to leave first thing in the morning, but the revised goal is by right after lunch so the kids can take a nap on the way to St. Louis. We are so close! We need to make one more trip back to the old house to pick up the last few items and do a walk through to be sure we're not leaving anything behind unintentionally. We also need to rearrange some of the things we're leaving in storage, and vacuum our car in case we're able to sell it while we're gone.

With great sadness (and physical travail), I took the freezer back out today. I wanted so badly for that to work out!! We had the closet space to spare, and it took a LOT of effort to get it in. But the outside kept getting so hot. I was worried that unless we left the closet doors open all the time, it would get hot enough to burn out the compressor. Then we'd be in the middle of a campground with a dead freezer and a bunch of spoiling food. I decided to avert that disaster by just not bringing the freezer in the first place. I was so sad to see it come back out of the closet, but I think it's the best thing. So if anyone lives near Jacksonville and wants to pick up some frozen food tomorrow morning, stop on by. I'll have some to give away. :)

Other than the freezer issue, moving in has gone very well. There is plenty of space for everything we need to bring. We'll probably still have some empty cabinets when we leave, although I'm sure we'll adjust to fill them later. The most challenging part is not the space, it's the organization. How to make everything accessible that needs to be, and how to keep things in logical places together, and how to find places that we'll remember for things, and how to keep the right things out of the kids' reach. I'm sure that it will take us several weeks to really figure out the best system for us, but I'm pleased that we have room to move things around and experiment. It's amazing how much we can really hold in this trailer.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get everything in order for some pictures before we go.

1 comment:

Leigh Anne said...

have safe & happy travels!!! hope to see some great pics! oh, & i LOVE the Ian laugh of the day today..."with coupons." so darling!

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