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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

T minus four days

We are getting close now!

Today Ian had his last day of speech therapy. It was really bittersweet. Jill, his speech therapist, has been so good with him and he has thrived with her direction. I know he would have learned to talk eventually without the speech lessons, but I am also sure that she helped him talk months earlier than he would have and saved us all a lot of frustrations. Ian loves going to her office since it's lots of games to him, and she has been so helpful in giving me tips to encourage him to make progress at home. We're going to miss our weekly time with Jill.

Tonight's showing of the house turned into two showings, which is nice to get double the exposure for all the trouble to get it ready. It was a hectic afternoon since neither kid napped and I was trying to get as much of the house in order as possible before Jeremy finished work, but we are thankful that people are coming to look at our house.

We are going to have a big moving day tomorrow, where we move out all the furniture we won't be leaving for staging purposes. There's quite a list. Plus, we'll try to start moving our food and clothes over. That's when I'll really have to face the limits on what we can and cannot make room for. I suspect several boxes will be put in storage when we decide they won't fit.


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