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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today we had visitors! Cindy and Dave came over for dinner and stayed to chat for awhile. It was tight squeezing us all around the itty bitty table, but we made it work. It was also my first meal actually cooking something in the trailer. It will definitely be a learning process to time things so they're actually hot when I have one appliance to do both the microwaving and the baking. We did eventually all eat and the brownies turned out pretty good in the RV oven.

This morning I had taken the kids to Monkey Bizness which is another inflatable slides place. Both kids had a blast. Ian learned to climb to the top of the slides all by himself, and Rinnah (who I was wearing on my front in the wrap carrier) loved it when I laid on my back and slid through the tunnels. She also loved the slides.

In other news, Rinnah stood up unassisted for a good five seconds yesterday!! She was distracted with a toy and didn't realize Jeremy had let go. She wouldn't repeat it for us, but she's getting so close to walking. And today she started pointing. She'd point at a toy, then head straight for it until she got to play. It's fun that she's starting to get to that phase where she'll do something new almost every day. And I'm glad that we're on a new schedule where we get to enjoy more of that time with her.


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