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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moving day (again)

We woke up today to a sunny, muggy morning. The temperature was over 90 degrees by 10am and it was very humid. Great weather for sipping lemonade on the beach. Unfortunately, we weren't on the beach. We were moving our furniture. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I'll take hot and humid over rain for moving day.

We got a lot done. We moved out almost all of the furniture we aren't leaving in the house. We still need to get Ian's crib, the high chair, and the rocking chair in Rinnah's room, plus switch our RV mattress with the real queen mattress from our bedroom set. Everything else is moved out. We also moved a lot of boxes. I started loading food in the trailer today. I was quite impressed with how much fit.

We wanted to put our chest freezer in the washer dryer compartment. We knew it would be a tight squeeze from our measurements. Jeremy had to take the hinges off to get it through the doorway, and we literally had to take the screws off the side to slide it into the closet-it was that close. We did make a few dings in the doorway getting it in, but nothing too horrible. I was surprised at how hot the outside of the freezer was getting. We may need to figure out how to install a better vent in there if it's not better after it's cold. I'm not sure that taking the freezer back out is even an option, so hopefully we can make it work. It would be so wonderful to have all that freezer space.

I got to have lunch today with my mom and two sweet ladies from church. It was great to catch up a little bit with them and fill in the gaps about what we're doing and where we're going. They're great ladies and I enjoyed their company, and it was a nice reprieve from all the heavy lifting.

In the middle of moving everything this morning, we got another call to show the house this afternoon. For the first time, I said no. The people are going to come look tomorrow instead. There was just no way we could have pulled that off. Jeremy took the day off work and we wanted to really make the most of that time. We still felt bad for making the people wait though.

Ian is so excited! He keeps telling everyone we're getting the new house ready and he's going to see the animals (the zoo on Saturday). He was disappointed when we came home tonight. Not much longer and he'll get his wish.


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