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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Five states!

We drove in five states today!

We started off in Kansas City, MO and drove a few miles out of the way to cut across the corner of Kansas on our way out. We drove mostly in Iowa, but crossed the river into Nebraska to stop for lunch. Now we are parked in South Dakota and are less than 20 miles from Minnesota, but we didn't go there yet. We got to add quite a few state stickers to our map today.

The kids were great for travel. We made it to our campsite by a little after 5pm. We had a quick dinner of leftovers and tried to get to a church. That was interesting, since we put the address in our GPS and it took us right to the state penitentiary! The church turned out to be across the street and down the hill, but there were only three cars in the parking lot. We opted against going in.

Since we were out, we tried to go to a mall to walk around with the kids, but the mall was closed by the time we got there. We ended up just putting gas in the truck and coming back to the campground so Ian could play on the playground and we could get the kids down for bed.


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