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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We're trying to piece together our order for more RV items. We have plenty of things on our "want" list, but only a few left on our "need" list. We're trying to prioritize and get things the cheapest that we can. The list includes things like a surge protector, torque wrench, bars for our living room shelves, and a rack to hang our lawn chairs on the ladder instead of taking up precious space in our "basement" storage area.

The screen room was supposed to be installed today, but apparently it doesn't really matter if you make an appointment. This dealer just does things when they get a chance, and they didn't get a chance today. I hope we can pick it up tomorrow and see the screen room. I'm excited about that. Then we just need to order a patio rug that will fit under it and we'll have our extra room.


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