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Sunday, June 21, 2009

First day out

We're on the road!!

After an extra night in my mom's driveway, we were finally ready to hit the road. Here's our rig all hitched and ready to go:

From Departure day

With my mom before we left:
From Departure day

After some goodbyes, we set off around 8:30am. We made great time to Bethalto, IL where we met up with our good friend Val from college. We were hoping to go to the zoo with her yesterday which didn't work out, but we did get to meet her for lunch and see her place today which was nice.

From Departure day

After that was our big drive to Kansas City. Thankfully, the kids both took good naps in the car. We couldn't have asked for more from them. They both did amazing, and it was only the last 25 minutes or so that they got grumpy. We did close to six hours of driving today, so I was thrilled with that.

From Departure day

Also good is that we know for sure that our truck can run the air conditioner while towing up and down hills. Very nice since today was a bit of a scorcher.

I think the only casualty today was a lid to one of the storage tubs in the back of the truck. I guess that's why people buy those big heavy gear boxes for trucks, huh?

It's exciting to finally be on the road! It was really nice today when we stopped and waited for Val to come meet us to realize that we can park anywhere and go in the trailer, and the kids can play while we get a snack or a drink and sit in our living room. And no more changing diapers in grubby gas station restrooms-we can use our own! How awesome is that!

Now we're parked and set up in Kansas City. Hard to see much right now, but I'll get a better picture tomorrow after we put up the screen room.

From Departure day

I'll probably try to take the kids to a children's museum or zoo tomorrow. They've been shuffled around a lot the last few days while we got everything ready to go, so I'd like to do a fun day for them. Kansas City seems to have a lot of options for things to do.


Abbie said...

Welcome to Kansas City! I live in the south part of the metro area. I learned of your adventure from preg.org. If you need any suggestions for things to do for kids in KC let me know I will be glad to share.

Kim said...

We'd love to hear suggestions! I think we're going to try to do Kaleidoscope and the Wonderscope Children's Museum. What else do you recommend?

Abbie said...

Both of those are great! I love Wonderscope we have really enjoyed our trips there. Also Deanna Rose Farmstead is free admission, some of the other activities cost extra but is within reason. It is in Overland Park, KS. Check out kcparent.com there is a search function for places to go based on area and price range. If you any other questions let me know I would be glad to help.

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