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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sioux Falls

Today was our first day in Sioux Falls. We finally made it to the zoo. I feel bad since we've been telling Ian we're going to see the animals for a few weeks now, but we missed the St. Louis zoo since we left a day late and we skipped the Kansas City zoo since it was 100 degrees outside. The fairgrounds where we're staying was about a five minute ride from the zoo, so we made it out there this morning. Ian was terribly unimpressed. After he saw the bears, the tigers, and the monkeys he was ready to go home. I made him look at some other animals for awhile since Rinnah was getting a nap in the stroller. :)

From Sioux Falls

Then in the visitor's center, they had a little play area that the kids really enjoyed.

From Sioux Falls

From Sioux Falls

From Sioux Falls

For lunch Laura came over. She was in the computer science department at Wheaton with us, and it was great to catch up with her again. She lives nearby and is getting married in a few weeks! We won't be able to make the wedding, so it was especially nice to get to see her now.

Ian really likes our current campsite. There are train tracks running right behind the trailer (about 50 feet away) and we're in the flight path for the airport, so planes regularly fly right overhead. Plus we've got a great view of some major roads where lots of big trucks go by. One of his favorite things is that the campsite is gravel. He has spent a few hours already playing in the gravel, putting rocks in the trunk of his toy car, and digging up whatever he can find. I'm glad the kids can play outside here.

From Sioux Falls

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1 comment:

Lucas said...

I can't believe you guys are hauling that toy car around the country!! I'm so impressed! and Happy 1st Birthday to Rinnah!!!

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