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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wanna buy a van?

We listed our van for sale. :( It's kind of sad in a way. We were SO excited when we got that van, and now here it is only five months later and we need to sell it. At least someone will save some money off buying a new one. Once we have this sold we can buy the truck we like. It belongs to one of the employees at the RV dealership, and he isn't in any huge hurry to sell, so he's probably going to wait until we're ready to buy it. That's pretty awesome.

I was thinking today about how this whole RV thing is going to bring back so many things I enjoyed about my life before kids-travel, the ability to pack up everything in one vehicle (okay, so one vehicle with a really large trailer, but still), enjoying the great outdoors, camping.....there are so many things I love about this plan.


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