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Monday, March 2, 2009


It's so much fun to daydream about all the places we could go and the people we could see if we can make this RV idea a reality.

We've come up with a few different loose ideas for itineraries (trying to nail down by month at least what states we'd be driving through) and all of them have really exciting parts and frustrating parts. It's pretty much guaranteed we can't be in both Florida and California during the same winter, unless we want to have a big long driving time. So do we want to drive north (Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota) during late winter/early spring? Could be cold. Or do we want to end up driving south (Texas, Louisiana, Florida) in early summer? Could be hot. It sounded so easy to just say we'd avoid the extreme weather, but we can't really do that and also avoid a lot of driving.

Someone told me today about National Park passports for the kids.
They can collect stamps at each national park we visit. I think this sounds like a great keepsake for them, and something we could keep adding to as they grow up. It's definitely going on our list.

It's so exciting to look at a map of the US and just make dots (okay, Google maps destinations) wherever we'd like to go! I think at the end of this we'll be excited to have a house, but a little sad to give up the freedom of travel.


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