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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Stager

The stager came today.

It was a little stressful, since I was picturing having another week or so to get ready. She came in, gave us some ideas, and left with our furniture all out of whack and halfway to a new arrangement. Now things are everywhere. So much for my nice clean house and only needing to work on the basement.

We're also still working on selling our van. No leads yet. I hope we're able to sell it for a fair price. We're not looking to profit a ton off it, just enough to pay for the truck we need that has a lower value than our van.

Oh, and the Oprah show called today! They did a "simplify your life" show awhile back about inspiring people to declutter and I wrote in telling how we're getting rid of most of our things to live in an RV for two years, and how I hope that this will be a good learning experience for us and our kids about not always needing a lot of things or needing something new. They called today asking for more information about our timeline. She was a little disappointed when I said that we had already decluttered a lot of our house and we were leaving in June 09, not June 2010. I'm not sure if anything will come of it or not. It would be fun to do one of the short little bits where viewers Skype in to the show live. Who knows?


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