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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Open House soon!

We met with the realtor today. It actually went really well-she said that many of the improvements we made to the house should help with marketability, and we're in an awesome spot for a family (quiet cul-de-sac in the best school district). She's optimistic that with interest rates being so low, there will be some buyers out there. And she gave us a number to list our house at that is higher than we thought she'd say. Obviously no guarantee we'll sell it for that price, but it was encouraging that she doesn't think it's overpriced there.

We're planning to have the open house on April 5th. Definitely still have work to do, but I think that's realistic. We're the kind of people who just need to pick a date and call that our deadline, or else we'll never manage to get it done. So this is a good thing.

We haven't gotten any bites on our van yet. I think we may take it to a dealer and ask what we could get for it from them. We'd prefer to find a private seller, but we are on a timetable so we'll have to see what we can get. We just need to sell it for enough to buy the truck, and our van is worth more than the truck, so it *should* work out. Just have little details like sales tax to figure out.


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