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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More preparation

It makes me feel a little sick to think about how much time I've had to spend getting these piles and piles of things we don't need out of the house. I'm not even done yet and there is an enormous stack of boxes and tubs of things we're selling. What does it say about us that in only two years we've managed to accumulate so much unnecessary clutter? It's amazing how you (and your things) just grow to fit the available space.

We've also been working on our RV "shopping list". Seems kind of silly to have to buy stuff when a big part of this trip is all about getting rid of things, but there are some things there's no way around. We need to buy some sewer maintenance & electrical items for the trailer, and there are other items too like bed tents for the kids (replacing their current cribs) and certain tools that we don't have. Hopefully the money from selling a lot of our current stuff will pay for the bulk of what we need.


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