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Friday, March 27, 2009


This is supposed to be simplifying our lives, right? It sure doesn't feel that way yet.

My head is spinning with all the things we need to do. Packing and moving out random stuff, rearranging and borrowing furniture, staging the house, buying some items for staging the house. Relisting the van for sale, calling dealers to see what they'd buy it for, looking for backup options. Arranging financing for the truck, working out an agreement on price, figuring out how that purchase will work. Finding time to pick up the camper, doing the walk-through, camping for the first night, figuring out what we'll need by then, looking for checklists and tips for the walk-through. Making lists of what we need for the RV, shopping for the best prices, prioritizing what we need before we leave and what can wait. Pulling out things for the garage sale, pricing them all, organizing them, and getting them ready to sell. Packing and organizing the things we're keeping in storage. And somewhere in there, keeping track of where my two kids are and when they need to eat, sleep, and have their diapers changed.

In six months our lives will look so different from now. I'm sure there will be stresses, but they will be different. At least we won't have the stress of all the stuff and what I have to do to take care of it.


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