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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She's really ours!

After a few hiccups getting financing worked out ("You're approved, but we can't find this trailer in our system", "If it's a 2007, it must be used"), we finally have the checks in hand today. Jeremy will go up there after work today. I'm sure the dealer will be relieved since we're the third group trying to buy the trailer.

We also have a lead on a truck that would be perfect for our needs. So the next order of business is to sell our van so we can buy the truck. Hopefully we can get that taken care of quickly. We'd love to have possession of the truck and trailer by the first week of April.

We're also still working on getting things ready for our very large garage sale (or two) that we'll be having and working on getting the house ready to show. So much to do in the next few months! It will be great when we have all this taken care of and can really enjoy the open road with our new home right behind us.


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