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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I guess this is good practice

for when we're in colder weather.

Our furnace is dysfunctional today. We had just made it into spring weather and now we're getting this funky cold snap with snow tonight, and of course it picks now to break. It doesn't look to be anything too expensive (fingers crossed!) but it's not lighting so we have no heat. We've got space heaters going and our house is staying around 64 for now. Obviously we will be fixing this since we're selling the house, but we don't want to pay $$$ out the wazoo just for calling on the weekend, so we're toughing it out until Monday. Probably good practice for those times when we wind up in an unexpected cold spell. Yes, we got a four seasons unit-but I'm sure we'll still be stingy with the propane like we're stingy with our utilities now, and we'll prefer to put on an extra layer and sleep with an extra blanket. It turns out 64 is a lot warmer than it sounds, especially with an occasional warm breeze to fool you.

We went to the Springfield RV show today. It was more a diversion and a chance to destress, since I can no longer relax in my house. (I just look around and see all the things we need to get done in the next week.) We were disappointed at how small it was, and how few vendors there were (we were hoping to shop for some accessories), but it was still a nice way to spend the morning and think about the lifestyle we get to adopt so very soon.

I also emailed a lady who is living in a fifth wheel with her husband and their two year old. She had some great advice for how she keeps her son entertained and what things look like with a little one on the road. It's reassuring to know that there are other people out there doing this successfully and happily, even with very young kids. You can see their blog at http://www.bigtrucknewhouse.blogspot.com/.

We've rented a truck for Tuesday to move out more unnecessary furniture and storage items before our open house next week. And we've scheduled our RV orientation (and first night in our new house!) for April 7th. That will be a great reward for making it through the open house, and I think we'll be able to enjoy it a lot more since it will be after the bulk of things for our house are done.

Just keep pressing on.


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