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Sunday, September 20, 2009


We are now in Pullman, Washington. It's a little town in eastern Washington. We needed someplace to stay for a week to break up the drive to Seattle, and one of my good friends from online lives here. She's a very talented photographer so I'm hoping she can teach me a few things while I'm here. We went over there for lunch today and the kids had a great time playing together. She has one girl the same age as Ian and another little girl who just turned 1 last week, so they're very close in age to our kids. Ian and Rinnah had a blast playing inside with all different toys, and we really enjoyed visiting with them. I think Amber and I will get together with the kids a few mornings this week. It will be nice.

It was sort of an adventure getting here this morning. It was only supposed to be about 45 minutes from where we stayed last night, but we learned an interesting quirk of our GPS. When it's on a state border, it tries to find directions staying in the same state. Even though we were in Washington and going somewhere else in Washington, the best route took us back the 2 miles over the border into Idaho to catch a major road, but our GPS wanted to go a different way. We turned around at the signs "Primitive road-no warning signs" and "Road not advised for trucks" and "Road not advised for cars in inclement weather". It looked like a one lane dirt road on the side of a mountain, not a place we wanted to take our 36 foot trailer. We did eventually get here safely despite our GPS.

We are kinda limited on the internet though, since we only have the aircard and we have to watch our bandwidth. I'll have to go easy on the pictures this week.


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