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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A better day

Rinnah slept better last night (or else we were just too tired to hear her waking up!) and has been acting much better this morning, so we're optimistic that maybe we're over the worst of the teething for now.

Jeremy took the kids this afternoon so I could have another big organization day. Since we've been here for a few months now and have a pretty good idea of what we get to often and what we don't, I feel like I'm finally ready to get everything settled. Plus, in a few weeks we'll be meeting up with my mom and shortly after that we head down to see Jeremy's parents, so I know there will be a lot more visiting and a lot less cleaning time then.

The last major project still is figuring out what to do for a new bed for Ian and how we can bunk him over Rinnah and/or some storage for books.


ashamom said...

Where do they sleep now? Are they sleeping in the bed tents in the living room? Maybe you can build a bunk bed with wooden toddler beds and 2x4's? Ian is still so little. It will fit him for awhile still.
Just a thought...

ashamom said...

BTW, glad that she slept better!!!

Kim & Jeremy said...

Right nowthey're in the bed tents in the kitchen, but Ian popped his air mattress from jumping on it and patching it didn't work. He's on a pile of blankets right now more or less. We're trying to figure out a way to have a toddler-sized bed for him up maybe 3' or less off the ground so we could put Rinnah perpendicularly underneath. We'd like to stack it on top of some book shelves or drawers to get a bit more storage and try to make more of a kids' room area to keep their things all together. Don't worry-we won't put him way up in the air! He's definitely too little for that still.

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