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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I obviously spoke too soon last night. I was all curled up in bed just after 9 and Rinnah started to fuss. To make a long story short, we finally got her settled around 3:30am. We are so exhausted today! She's been pretty fussy the last few days, but this was by far the worst. This morning she was just screaming, inconsolable. We're pretty sure this is the culprit:

From Salt Lake City

Her first top tooth. She is not dealing all that well with it and neither are we. We're giving her tylenol and motrin, but those just don't always seem to take the edge off for her. It was kind of depressing to take the pic and realize how far we still have to go with just this one tooth. And it's only the 3rd tooth to even break through. At this rate she'll be teething until she's 3. Sigh.

We left this morning with the sole purpose of getting out of the house-to go somewhere, ANYwhere, just to try to get the kids in a better mood. We wound up at the planetarium. They had the coolest Newton ball structure thing I've seen yet-two stories tall and with gobs and gobs of different things in it. Ian was also surprisingly interested in the pendulum, which knocked over a little metal marker every few minutes to show its progress.

After that we did Ian's favorite thing-we rode the commuter lite rail. There's a free zone downtown and one of the stops is just outside the planetarium, so we spent 20 minutes riding to the end of the free zone and back. Ian was thrilled, especially since we got to ride forwards AND backwards. Unfortunately, no pictures of that since I was traveling as light as possible.

This evening we took advantage of the cooler weather (80s instead of 90s) and packed a picnic, then went to a park about a mile away. It's a nice walk that we've sort of stumbled on by accident, with a mostly paved trail along a river. We went out there and had dinner and let the kids play for awhile.

Rinnah practicing her Vulcan salute
From Salt Lake City

From Salt Lake City

From Salt Lake City


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