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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Target

This morning Jeremy had an important conference call, so I was trying to get the kids out by 8:30. We were going to go to the Children's Museum. I called and found out they didn't open until 10. Shoot. So we printed some more coupons and went back to Target. We got more free bread and cereal. Came home, Rinnah took a nap and then I spent over two hours trying to convince Ian to take a nap. No go. I realize that at some point he will outgrow the afternoon nap, but believe me, he's not there yet. Today after his missed nap he was AWFUL. He missed out on swimming since he didn't stay in bed like he was supposed to. We tried taking Rinnah swimming, but the water was too cold. So we came back and gave Rinnah a bath, then let the kids play outside. (In retrospect, we probably should have held off on the bath.) Made dinner, and survived through a few tantrums.

Now it's 8:20 and I think both kids are asleep. That's the earliest in weeks and weeks. Only problem is I'm too worn out from fighting with them all day to enjoy the extra evening time! I think I may go to bed early too.

Someday they'll just want to go to bed when they're tired, right?


ashamom said...

Ummmm nah- they probably won't Momma... LOL! The more tired they are, the more they fight about it- it seems. I just give up the nap fight once they start skipping them every few days ( around 2 years old).
Otherwise it's so frustrating, you need chocolate intravenously!
I have been really enjoying your blog. You are living a dream that I have- what a great way to enrich your children!!!
I think we are beyond living in a trailer since we have 9 kids and we could not afford the Duggar bus yet. For now, I live vicariously through your blog and think to myself that "someday".... it might happen!

Kim & Jeremy said...

They do fight it when they're tired! I was hoping they'd outgrow that sometime before the teen years.

You're living a dream of mine too, Asha! We'd like more kids, but that's on hold right now because we're living in the trailer. I think lots of siblings are also a great way to enrich your kids, and I'm sure I could learn a lot from your experience. Glad you're following our blog!

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