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Friday, November 27, 2009

Ian's funny

Ian has said so many funny things lately. Unfortunately we forget most of them before we can post on the blog. But over dinner we had one of the funniest conversations to date.

Ian: Our family has 3 kids?
Me: Three? Really?
Ian: Yeah.
Me: Are you sure? Can you count again?
Ian: Three! We have 3 kids.
Me: You're one, Rinnah's two....who's the other one?
Ian: (very excitedly) Daddy!!

We were cracking up. He was laughing too, although I'm not sure he realized why that was funny!

Black Friday shopping was a blast. It honestly was less crowded and less chaotic here than it was in our little town back home. Maybe just because there were so many different stores? Mom Weatherford and I went, and I really had fun. It's a lot more fun with someone else, plus she knew all the best routes between stores! At any rate, I was able to pick up almost all of the items we were looking for. We got some nice deals on some toys and games for the kids. Next we just have to decide which ones are for Christmas and which will be saved for later. We also picked up the $39 camcorder at Target, one of those pocket ones that just takes Youtube quality videos. We're hoping that makes it simpler for us to take quick videos and upload them regularly. I got another memory card for my camera. And Jeremy finally got new shoes, which he's needed for quite awhile. And the best part? 99cent Ben & Jerry's ice cream from Walgreens on the way home. Perfect way to wrap up our Black Friday!


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