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Monday, November 23, 2009


Saturday evening Jeremy and I went out to see his dad's barbershop chorus at a cabaret dinner. It was great! The music was really wonderful and the food was good. Jeremy's mom watched the kids so we could have a little date night. I ended up coming home early because I just wasn't feeling good, and when I got home both kids were asleep in bed. I don't know how she did it, but what an awesome gift. That's the first night EVER we have come home to two sleeping children. Usually we can't even get them to sleep that early. Anyway, we're already planning for what we want to do when we're both cold-free and we could actually be out past 7pm. What a great feeling!

Sunday Jeremy was sweet and took the kids over to his parents' for a visit while I stayed home and rested. It did a world of good too, since today I'm feeling quite a lot better than yesterday. Ian is still coughing too much for me to feel right taking him to the children's museum, so we did another Walgreen's trip today and spent some time at Mom Weatherford's house again. When Jeremy was done with work we took another walk over to the pet shop (Ian insists he can't go there without daddy) and had an easy evening with the kids. They're both not quite 100%, and tiring out earlier than normal, so I think it was good for them. Ian has been sleeping 12 hours a night and took a nap this afternoon too, so I know his cold is still getting to him. Hopefully they'll get plenty of rest tonight.


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