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Friday, November 6, 2009


Ian keeps getting so excited anytime the GPS says anything about California, and keeps asking when we're going to California. We've tried explaining that we're already in California, it's just a really big place, but I think he's confused since this whole time we've been saying we're going to California to see Grandma & Granddaddy, and we haven't seen them yet. But we will soon! Tomorrow we're off to Sunnyvale, California which is very close to Jeremy's family. We're looking forward to it!

We've had a nice time here in Redding, but I think the better part of a week was just about right. We went to the (one and only) museum, but it was geared toward much older kids and there wasn't a whole lot for Ian and Rinnah to do except outside. We had gorgeous weather at the beginning of the week but with the rain the last few days, outside parks and playgrounds aren't really an all-morning sort of option. We did go to the Kids Kingdom in a park here, and saw the hugest and possibly the best playground we've seen yet. There wasn't a way to get a good picture-it's a labyrinth of a wooden play structure that goes on forever with all sorts of twists, towers, and crannies to explore. Here's one pic that I'm borrowing from someone else of it:

Aside from that, we've just been catching up on laundry, recovering from colds, and enjoying playing outside any chance we get.

1 comment:

ashamom said...

Hope everyone is feeling well!
So funny about California, he can't wait LOL!
Enjoy the warmth!

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