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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Festival of Lights

Finally, I can post an update! Our internet connection has been less than reliable lately, and I haven't been able to get very many pages to load, hence the long delay in updating.

Anyway, we went to the Los Altos Festival of Lights parade over the weekend. It was really awesome! It started at 6pm, so it was dark, and there were all sorts of floats and marching bands and storybook characters, all decorated with lights. Some of them were simple, and some were elaborate like something from the Disney lights parade. It was a neat experience and Ian loved looking at everything. Poor Rinnah was exhausted and it seemed like every time she'd start to drift off, a drummer or other loud thing would come by and she'd get startled. She went right to sleep though once we got in the car, and it was definitely worth going to.

We also went to the San Jose Children's museum, both on Saturday with everyone and just me and the kids today. This museum is great. The water feature is the best we've seen yet-all sorts of water tornadoes and things to squirt and spray....the kids played there for 45+ minutes each day, and I had to practically pry them away when it was time to go. We'll definitely be there several more times before we leave.


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