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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Special Day

We've reinstated the reward chart for Ian for sleeping. He starts with two "green go"s, since he loves green go/red stop things, and if he keeps getting out of bed we turn them to red stop. For each green he has left in the morning he gets a sticker. We had a picture for him to put the stickers on, and with a perfect track record, he could have finished it in 6 days. It took him about 3 and a half weeks, but he finished it this morning. So tonight we went out to Chuck E Cheese (we had a coupon) and played for a few hours. He had a blast and felt so special. We don't plan on making every reward day this big, but we wanted the first one to be a huge deal so he'll start associating the reward with staying in bed. He loved picking his rewards at the end to spend his tickets on. He just had trouble believing that he could get more than one thing-he thought we were asking him to change his mind. His cherished big prize is a little plastic ziploc-style bag with chuck e cheese on it, filled with some stickers, candy, and little plastic star-shaped glasses. We had a great time today-Jeremy and I even got to play skee-ball and pinball. Rinnah loved shaking the tokens in the cups and pouring them back and forth between two cups. She also loved putting the token in the slot to make those little cars rock back and forth, but freaked out when it started to move. Oh well.

Pics may have to wait. We had a little incident here involving someone less than 3 feet tall, a small cup of water, and a laptop, so until we get that all straightened out I don't have a way to upload the pictures.


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