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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We really did leave

We finally managed to get out of Sunnyvale today. It felt like we'd spent the last week trying. I think two months was too long for us-we were WAY too settled in and it took us forever to get everything packed up, and we were pretty rusty on the routine for getting the trailer on the road and parking when we arrived. It was worth it to have the time with Jeremy's parents, but we probably will keep our stays shorter from now on.

We made it as far as Tulare, CA, which is a little past Fresno. We're a little over an hour out of Bakersfield. The kids did fantastic on the drive-we left about 1:20 and drove 4 hours straight to get here. But the last 45 minutes were pretty squirrely and I think that would have been a long extra hour tonight to Bakersfield. Tomorrow Jeremy will work and we'll drive the hour whenever it works out between Jeremy's job and the checkout time at the campground. Then we can rest for a bit before leaving on Friday to head for the Grand Canyon.

It was nice to be on the road today. I'd almost forgotten that wonderful, adventurous, free feeling we get when we've got our whole house with us and we can go anywhere we would like. It's so much fun!


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