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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Is there such a thing for us? I'm not sure. At any rate, today felt like more of a "normal" day than we've had in a few weeks. Both kids (and parents) have colds, so we can't do the museums right now. So this morning we did some exploring around the rv park, enjoyed the free oranges and donuts, and then went into town, about 8 miles away. We ended up going to Walgreens (gotta go to work & get paid, LOL) and Target, and found a Chuck E Cheese, some cheap diesel, an Albertsons, and a few other interesting places.

The afternoon didn't go so well. Stuffy-headed, overtired children made for a miserable naptime battle. The afternoon was redeemed by a photo shoot. Ian was so excited to have his picture taken by this old west town front thing they have on the outside of their party hall. He has never been so cooperative for me. If he starts acting like this more often, it will be a whole lot easier to practice!

From For ILP Blog

We're trying to decide where to go next. We looked at the national weather and so many of you are freezing! We'd like to stay somewhere that's above 50F, but it's only this itty-bitty corner in the southwest right now. We may stay put here for another week and hope for warmer weather to go to the Grand Canyon. I never thought I'd be waiting for Arizona to warm up!


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