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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We made it to Bakersfield today. This morning I took the kids to run some errands, mostly picking up some new space heaters and a new office chair for Jeremy. This afternoon we packed up and drove for a little over an hour. We debated going further, since it would be helpful for some of our possible scenarios, but decided to stay here since there was more to do in Bakersfield and it would be easier for Jeremy to work. I'm glad we did. This is a wonderful park. It's so fantastic to be in a real RV park again! There's plenty of space between sites, lots of room to park the truck, a big area next to our site for the kids to ride their bikes, laundry right next door, and there are orange trees between the sites that we can pick oranges from! The oranges are sweet and wonderful. They even have free donuts in the morning. We feel like we're living it up now after being in a small urban park for so long.

Still trying to decide what's next. Grand Canyon? San Diego? LA? Phoenix? So many possibilities!


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