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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bakersfield, the black hole

I feel like the last few weeks could have been a drama called "Escape from Bakersfield". It seems like we just cannot get out of here for anything. Brake controller troubles, waiting on the repair guy, kids sick, parents sick, lousy weather....it has just gone on and on.

We had been having trouble with the trailer brakes, so we put in a new brake controller in the truck. It indicated there was an intermittent short in the trailer wiring (which we had already guessed). So we took it to Camping World today to have them take a look. Good news: in about 10 minutes, the tech has the brake wire fixed. Bad news: while underneath, he noticed a few broken leaf springs in the suspension, which explained why the trailer had started bouncing on and rubbing the tires, and was close to breaking the propane pipe to the fridge. Good news: repair will cost less than we originally thought when we heard "suspension", "alignment", "tires", and a few other scary words. Bad news: can't be fixed until tomorrow.

So we're spending the night here in the Camping World parking lot. They have an electrical box out here for just such an occasion, so we'll be comfortable and I suppose we can count the free night of camping when we get our bill. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to escape the hold Bakersfield has on us. So far today, we made negative 8 miles of progress toward Phoenix. So even if we just stay put tomorrow we're doing better than today.

At least it's warm and it's mostly stopped raining.


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