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Monday, January 4, 2010

Trying again tomorrow

I think we'll be ready to leave tomorrow. It feels like it's been dragging on forever, since it was Saturday we were all geared up to pack and we're still here a few days later. We got the truck fixed today and Jeremy took the kids over to his parents' house for naps, so I spent the afternoon getting things organized and packed. We went over there for dinner, so now the plan is to get the kids out of the house as soon as possible in the morning, before they have time to tear everything apart. Then we come back for a quick lunch and hit the road so the kids can nap in the truck. We'd love to make it to Bakersfield tomorrow, but that's 5 hours according to google, so probably 5.5-6 hours of actual driving with the truck since we have to drive slower. That doesn't include stops and we'll be leaving after lunch, so it's quite possible we'll be stopping a little sooner for the night and finish up the drive on Wednesday.

We've had a great visit with Jeremy's parents and Granny Gunn. I am so thankful that the kids have had a chance to really get to know them, and they to get to know the kids, more than we could ever have gotten with a week here or there. Since we've been here, Rinnah's vocabulary has exploded, Ian has started learning his letters, and they've both grown and learned new things. I'm so happy that his parents could watch all that unfold.

Here's a shot from tonight, Ian playing a game with Grandmother before we said goodbye.

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