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Friday, January 8, 2010

Staying put

We thought about a lot of places we could go this weekend, but we checked the weather forecast and it looks like we're already in the warmest little corner of the country. Plus, with all of us being a tad under the weather, we've barely even seen Bakersfield. We really like the park we're at too-we're getting hooked on these oranges and the free donuts are a nice perk. We're also right next to the laundry room, with a sidewalk right from our picnic table.

So we decided we're happy where we're at and too tired to pack up and move again yet anyway. We'll be here another week. Hopefully the kids will recover and we'll get a chance to see the museum.

Today we just did some laundry and took it easy, trying to get all of us some rest. It was warmer today too, in the high 50s, so we were able to spend some time outside. We also walked down the street to a fruit stand, which is really one of those fabulous places with all varieties of fruit, dried fruits, nuts, licorice, olives, etc. and samples of everything. It was all delicious! We ended up bringing home some dark chocolate covered almonds for me and some chocolate covered blueberries for Jeremy, but I hope we'll be back before we leave.


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