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Saturday, February 27, 2010


We made it to Jacksonville tonight.

It was really a nice week and we're not nearly as exhausted as we were expecting by now. We were able to visit with Holly in Wichita, and then we got to see Cindy and Dave in Kansas City. Cindy made us authentic Italian lasagna completely from scratch (including the noodles!) and it was delicious. It was so good to see them again. Cindy came by this morning and we were able to visit some while we packed the house, then we got sandwiches from the same deli as last summer-those were delicious. Then off we went.

Once we got to my mom's, it took awhile to get parked and power hooked up because there just isn't enough room here to maneuver and we needed a few different outlets on different breakers. We seem to be okay here at the moment and between the furnace and two space heaters, it's not too cold in the house. We'll need to do some tweaking tomorrow when it's light out but we'll be fine for the night.

It's strange to be back here. But the kids are excited to see Grandma and I know we need to take care of things, so I think it will be a good few weeks.


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