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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Upcoming travel adventures

This weekend we are going to the Grand Canyon! I am excited. We'll be headed up to Williams and then take the train up to the Grand Canyon. I think the kids will love the train ride, and the Grand Canyon is one of the things I've really wanted to see since we got the RV. It's going to be great!

And it looks like we'll be adding Mexico to our itinerary. I've had some tooth problems lately and finally broke down to see a dentist today. Turns out I need some pretty expensive work done, and honestly, Jeremy probably does too. We've both neglected our teeth for quite awhile. But we would need to sell our car to pay for what I was quoted today, which is absolutely not an option. We were going to Las Cruces, New Mexico in a few weeks anyway so I think we'll be adding a short excursion to Mexico for some dental work on the cheap. Not what I was hoping to dust off the passports for, but needs to be done.


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