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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back on the road

We are back on the road today.

Last week was a crazy week. I did two dentist appointments in Juarez, Mexico to get everything finished. It was a long two days, especially the first one with the root canal, but I much preferred getting it done over two appointments in one week than the 5 appointments over 8 weeks that the US dentists told me. Plus, it cost less than 25% of what I was quoted here. So, that's all done now and we will be starting faithful biyearly dentist visits for our whole family.

We did get to do a few fun things in Las Cruces. Freida, who was the nurse out at the school in Thailand while we were there, and her husband live in Las Cruces and we were able to meet up with them for dinner one night. Freida also got the kids in at the pediatrician clinic where she works, so they got well-child checks and a few vaccinations. That was nice because the clinic is on our insurance so we didn't have to worry about exceptions and such like we would in Jacksonville, and we were able to get the shots in the office which are covered by the insurance instead of paying out of pocket for them in Jacksonville.

We also got to see a small railroad museum that's in an old train station. They had a train table there, and a huge freight train whizzed by right outside while we were there. The campground also had a playground, which we used every day we were there. And while I was at the dentist, Jeremy took the kids to a tiny little science museum and Chuck E Cheese.

Now we're on the road again. Tonight we made it to Plainview, Texas. Tomorrow we'll pick up the bunkbeds we've been trying to get for the kids for months now, and then hopefully we'll be able to make it to Oklahoma City. The goal is to be back in Jacksonville IL by Sunday, so we'll be driving several weekdays this week.


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