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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Keeping busy

We certainly haven't had time to be bored yet in Jacksonville.

Jeremy is working in Ohio. We sure miss him, but this is an important project and I think he's enjoying getting to know some of the installers a little better.

Ian started preschool this week. It's just a temporary thing for a month or two while we're in town, and he normally wouldn't be allowed to attend until next year but they made an exception for the short term. He LOVES it. He's only gone twice (it's MWF mornings) but he is so proud to be going to school and seems to be having a great time, even if he did tell me the first day that he didn't learn anything new.

Rinnah is a little sad that she doesn't get to go to school. Both Monday morning and today she got to play with the toys for a few minutes while we dropped Ian off. Today when I brought her back home and unbuckled her car seat, she screamed "No! Buckle!" I put the buckle back on and asked what was wrong. "School! No Grandma. School!" Poor thing. This is the first time that Ian's gotten to do something that she hasn't, and I think she just genuinely doesn't understand why she can't stay at school and play too. I'm trying to do some special things when it's just her with me, like today we made brownies together. Overall she seems fairly unimpressed and I think she'd rather be in school.

I've made some progress toward our garage sale. Not as much as I would like, but more than I honestly expected when I'm trying to do so many things at once. I really wish we could have found a part-time daycare, but the one we had found closed, and the others would only do full-time care.

I'm looking forward to Jeremy coming back on Saturday!

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Codyb said...

Hello. I'm a reporter at the Journal-Courier here in Jacksonville. We noticed you were in town and wanted to do a story on your family. If you can, please give me a call at the office. (217) 245-6121. Ask for Cody.

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