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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunny Florida

It's so nice to be here.

Today I took the kids to Walgreens and we spent my walgreens money on some disney souvenirs. Ian got a hat, Rinnah got some sunglasses, and we got a ball to play with outside. I also picked up some $2.99 ponchos for Jeremy and I for those sudden afternoon showers at the park, and some sunscreen. Not overly exciting but a good way to cash out of walgreens so I can take a few weeks off of coupon shopping while we're here.

This afternoon we were able to play outside for awhile. I took Rinnah for some pictures (she looked adorable with her little pigtails, but wasn't super cooperative) and Jeremy took Ian for a bike ride. It's so nice to have all these trails and playgrounds right here where we don't have to drive or worry about stoplights or crossing streets.

We worked on making some appointments to get the trailer serviced while we're staying in the hotel in a few weeks. I'm glad it will work out that we can have someplace to stay while that's getting fixed.


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